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To Our Grade Two Wiki!

Mrs. Anderson's Class



Sharing our learning with the world begins with you!  We hope you enjoy our wiki and take the time to read and write back.   We'd love to hear from you and hopefully you will share your thoughts, ideas and learning too. We are just beginning our journey so please check back whenever you can.


(To see student work go to "Meet the Creators" below.  Click on child's name for their electronic portfolio.)


Locations of visitors to this page





Owl Poems




Listen to our "Owl Poems" on

"Voicethread".  We're very proud authors and would love to receive comments from you!



Historical Tour of Nanaimo Field Trip




Anti-Bullying Day:  "Wear a Pink Shirt"

Every student in our school was given a pink shirt to support Anti-Bullying Day.







1.  Thinking Yes/Thinking No:  Individual responses are now available!  Look under each child's electronic portfolio.  Final graph and charts answering the question:  Should children be allowed to work in coal mines?  After studying coal mining history and reading the book, Trapped by Coal,

Grade 2 students answer this very difficult question.  Click here to access their thinking.


2.  Samples of Grade 2 letter writing.  See samples of Grade 2 letter writing:  responses to letters from penpals in Alabama (look under individual electronic po

3. Google My Maps:  Nanaimo Historical Tour:


WOW!  We did it!  Our class has been studying the history of Nanaimo.  We decided to find out who famous landmarks were named after. After researching people and places we went on a field trip and visited the landmarks.  All students took pictures and videos.  Back at school, our teacher created a google my map.  We then made movies, did voice overs and embedded the movies into our my map.  When you click on a balloon (on our map), our movies and voices will explain about the person behind the landmark.  Enjoy!


To access full view and the movies, you must click here:  "View Nanaimo Historical Landmarks in a larger map ".   On the larger map, it is easier getting to a specific location by clicking on  a title in the side key.  You can even use google maps to go to street level and visit the sites.


View Nanaimo HIstorical Landmarks in a larger map



Link to main page

(All work on this sequence was created by Donna Anderson and Tammy Reynolds)


http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/peachcrest/images/children-reading.gif       Transformation:  Some books change the way we think!     http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/peachcrest/images/children-reading.gif 

Your chance to join 7 & 8 year olds as they:


  • learn about the influence resilience has on friendship
  • experience a deeper understanding of "opening the door" to new friendships
  • begin to understand that some books change the we think:  teaching "synethsis" and "big idea"
  • learn the relationship between "summarizing" and "synthesis"


I will be posting background information (resilience, transformation of thinking, summarizing), teaching strategies (actually turning out like a daily blog, explaining step by step what I do each day), BLM, and examples of student work as we use this amazing story (Owen and Mzee) of an unexpected friendship to teach reading strategies, the importance of resilience and friendship. Join in as an observer or a participant. (Click on "Link to Main Page above to access)

(starting Feb. 14, 2011)


5.  Teaching With The Brain In Mind:   PPT presentation for educators that talks about latest brain research and how it relates to education.

       Brain Basics for Educators:  a four page folder that summarizes brain basics educators should think about

6.  Online Book (includes wordtalk version):  People/Landmarks in Nanaimo  (Go to Social Studies,  Nanaimo

           Project; scroll until you see "Online Book")






Meet the Creators of this Wiki 

"Electronic Portfolios" of their work has begun...click on a name to see examples of their work.


Ryan Hayden Haiden





              OWL PELLET DISSECTION SLIDESHOW                                          


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                           BOO SCIENCE FUN!!!!!!                                                       


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Cameron said

at 2:44 pm on Jan 30, 2011


Jill Baedke said

at 7:11 am on Feb 1, 2011

What an awesome way to share your classroom happenings! The students are sure excited about their activities. What great learning is taking place!

Katie Coon said

at 7:38 pm on Feb 10, 2011

This is amazing. We just started using PB Works in our district and I would love to share this during a training tomorrow!

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